U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps - Rochester (CA 124) Division​

NOSC - Navy Operational Support Center

The Testimonials of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Victor Diaz     - Age 16

The sea cadets is an amazing thing to get into. The Sea Cadet program has showed and gave me so many things and chances not every kid gets to do. It instructs kids in self discipline and organization. Ever since I have been in the sea cadets I have changed so much but for the good. I have been in the program for 6 years, starting at age 10, it’s been so much fun with everything that we do. Its empowers kids to respect their peers. We do a lot of hands on things like PT and team building exercises. In the program we do not judge and were like a family and respect everyone here. In the sea cadet program there is a lot of team motivation. If a cadet is struggling with something we all help push and help each other get through it.

Shea McClelland  - Age 16

I was introduced to USNSCC through a friend that was in the program. I hadn't thought about the military as an option for me, but I still joined because it sounded like a good thing to do just for learning more about respect and core values. I have been in the program for around half a year and I have learned an incredible amount of military history, respect, and core values. The program is great for someone that is looking to be in any branch of the military, and someone that wants to be challenged not only physically, but mentally. This program has been changing my life very positively.


Dominic McIntyre  - Age 14


I have been in the program for about nine months now and the program has helped me with a lot. The program shows you to respect elders. It also has taught me that even when people are trying to get to me you cannot take anything somebody says personally. The program shows discipline,respect and integrity and also to be proud to be in the program. When your in the program it shows you the real core values of the program, the history, and the military. The program also teaches you that you shouldn't only show these things at drill you should always be proud to be in the program and you should always encourage other people to join the program. The program may not be for everyone but it was defiantly a great choice I made. The program also allows children ages ten to eighteen to see and experience very exciting and interesting things evolving the military history and modern technology. This program has taught me a lot and also changed me incredibly from the person I used to be.

Ethan Park - Age 16


I have been in the program for two years now. I am a Seaman now and have a leadership position within the program. If I had looked back two years ago I would not have expected myself to have any to such responsibility in my life time. Before I joined the program I was not much of a good kid. I was very lazy and had no sense of responsibility or much to any motivation in life. I was physically unfit and was very obnoxious. I always had interest in the military since I was young but never made any attempts to prepare myself for such. My older brother had already been in the program and he introduced me to it. My first day I saw this program I loved it, I am not a kid who is good with talking to people yet I felt accepted here. After joining the program and being in it for a while now and graduating Recruit Training I have really changed as a person and feel that this program has prepared me enough to have the motivation and courage to be in the outside world.

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